Corporate Services

More than ever, outreach through media has become an integral part of a successful business strategy.

With this in mind, our company specializes in helping local businesses stay ahead of the day’s trend. We offer a variety of services geared to servicing the needs of consumers and employees alike. From in-house videos to television advertisements, we are here to help you develop, produce, and present material that is catered to your unique needs. All clients are encouraged to set up a FREE consultation. If you have a unique event or would like to take an unorthodox approach, we would like to customize your shoot and our consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss these ideas.

Event Coverage

Whether hosting a lecture, documenting an event, or celebrating a milestone, our event coverage service ready for you. No event is too big or too small. Our team will consult with you to determine your needs and come up with the best possible solution to your request.

We offer a standard Fly-On-The-Wall Service, which means we capture the event as it naturally occurs. Like a fly on the wall, we will record the event without any interferenc. You will not notice we are there. We are available for any length of time, but our standard four (4) hour package includes:

  • One (1) experienced cameraman
  • One (1) production coordinator
  • One (1) film editor

Event Coverage*: starts at $750 (4 hour package)

A consultation is recommended for this service.


For local businesses, our commercial & advertising services give them the ability to work with our creative team in developing their own advertisements for television or the internet. Our team will produce a high quality video that will be available for immediate release to attract more people to your business. Our service is full “Script to Screen,” meaning that our creative team works alongside you from inception to distribution.

Commercials & Advertisements*: starts at $1500

A consultation is required for this service.

Industrial Video Service

All organizations benefit from industrial videos. Our crew will produce a high quality industrial video. Whether you want to post this video for potential clients visiting your site, or train new team members, we will cater to your specific demands. We will help write, cast, film, and distribute any industrial video including, but not limited to: training videos,“how to” videos, HR videos, demonstrations, etc.

Industrial Video Service*: starts at $3500

A consultation is required for this service.

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